Cree School Board

Cree School Board

Art Direction by
Elana Rudick


In Collaboration with
Elana Rudick
Pam Menegakis
Lukas Schuling

Annual Report
Indigenous Language
An annual report I worked on worked on as a member of the award-winning studio Design is Yummy for the Cree School Board, an organization which oversees the education of more than 5000 Cree youth and adults in Northern Quebec. This year's report addressed both the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the growth and resilience of the Cree community, and the traditional importance of creativity and the arts.
To create an eye-catching and easy-to-understand annual report that would be sent to all members of the Cree School Board. The report needed to pay homage to Cree culture while providing a contemporary spin, reference the importance of creativity and provide an uplifting message. The report also needed to incorporate Cree syllabics throughout.
Using colourful geometric shapes, the report references arts and crafts, with a youthful, optimisitc feel that carries throughout. The report incorporates both Cree syllabics, English and French content cleanly and clearly. Incorporating photography throughout, the annual report is a snapshot of the vibrant culture of the Cree community.
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