Niskamoon Corporation

Art Direction by
Elana Rudick


Design Tools
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop

In Collaboration with
Elana Rudick
Pam Menegakis
As a member of the team at Design is Yummy, a Montreal-based design studio, I was able to work on the 2021/22 annual report for Niskamoon Corporation. Niskamoon is a Quebec non-profit that outlines a framework for co-operation between the Cree peoples and Hydro-Québec. It provides access to funds and programming for a variety of Cree communities throughout Quebec. All photography belongs to Niskamoon Corporation unless listed otherwise.
To create an eye-catching annual report that delivers allnecessary information and data clearly while also paying respect to the richtradition of Cree culture. The report also needs to re-use photography by localartists in a way that is fresh and new.
My second report with the studio and their sixth one withNiskamoon, we wanted to do something that would stand out amongst their otherreports. Since the report focused on gaining a new perspective throughout the pandemic, the photography treatment takes that quite literally, putting theimages through a kaleidoscope of fractals to create beautiful, geometricimages.