Niskamoon Corporation

Art Direction by
Elana Rudick


Design Tools
Adobe InDesign

In Collaboration with
Elana Rudick
Pam Menegakis
Lukas Schuling

Applied Arts Design Award
As a member of the team at Design is Yummy, a Montreal-based design studio, I was able to work on the 2020/21 annual report for Niskamoon Corporation. Niskamoon is a Quebec non-profit that outlines a framework for co-operation between the Cree peoples and Hydro-Québec. It provides access to funds and programming for a variety of Cree communities throughout Quebec. All photography belongs to Niskamoon Corporation unless listed otherwise.
To create an eye-catching annual report that delivers all necessary information clearly and concisely while paying respect to the rich tradition of Cree culture and making reference to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The annual reports uses colour, slowly transitioning from bright yellow to white to show the impact of the pandemic, and how we have had to change and adapt as a result. The landscape photography evokes the beauty of nature and represents the ancestral territory of the Cree. Dubbed the Silver-Lining Report, the silver line carries throughout the book, representing how the Niskamoon report provides hope to Cree communities by making crucial funds and resources available. The studio was honoured to win an Applied Arts Design Award for this beautiful report!
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