Black Theatre Workshop

Art Direction by
Elana Rudick


In Collaboration with
Elana Rudick
Pam Menegakis

Live Theatre
Production Poster
As part of the team at Montreal-based studio Design is Yummy, we were lucky enough to work with the Black Theatre Workshop in La Licorne Theatre's production of Pipeline. The play follows a teen boy and his educator mother as they struggle with issues of race, inequality and issues of social prophecy.
To create a poster which addresses the play's themes of race, inequality and the school-to-prison pipeline.
The provactive illustration of a young man as he faces a school hallway leading directly to a prison cell is meant to elicit the sensation of being trapped, with no right way to turn, a feeling experienced by the main characters of the play. The rough, hand-drawn style of the illustration is meant to evoke both youth and pay homage to the art produced during the Harlem Renaissance. The typeface is Bayard by Vocaltype, a Black-owned type foundry. This evokative sans-serif is inspired by protest signs from the 1963 March on Washington. These references contrast hopelessness with the hope for change through activism that the play ultimately evokes.
Niskamoon 21/22