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For my bachelor degree thesis project, we were encouraged to pick a single problem and craft a unique design solution. This was part of an 8-month process, where I heavily researched the issue, wrote an academic paper on the subject, distilled this information into a solution and conducted interviews with my target market. The problem I selected was food sustainability and meat consumption in North America. I learned through research that while our current levels of meat consumption are far above recommended limits, changing people's diets is a very complex endeavor with many sociological, psychological, financial and cultural barriers to change. Meat, in particular, has deep meaning in the West. To combat these challenges, I decided that an explainer video would help the audience make informed decisions while providing simple, easy to follow solutions and providing the necessary social and emotional motivation to make a change.
Our current meat consumption in North America is unsustainable. Meat consumptionwill need to be drastically lowered if we want to halt the harmful impacts suchoverconsumption has on climate change. These impacts include but are not limited to: rising GHG emissions, chemical pollutants, land use and water scarcity. However, meat reduction is currently one of the least preferred ways by the public to combat climate change.
An explainer video aimed towards Millennials, allowing them to make an informed decisions about their dietary habits. A video was identified as the best way to reach this audience as it can simplify complex information while also creating the emotional response necessary to alter dietary behaviours. Itis also timely since many people are still trapped at home (YouTube consumption has gone up by 50% since COVID). While a single solution will never be enough to create instant change, this video is intended to begin to bridge the intention-behaviour gap.
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