Segal Centre

Segal Centre for Performing Arts

Art Direction by
Elana Rudick


In Collaboration with
Elana Rudick
Pam Menegakis

Live Theatre
Production Posters
Photo Manipulation
The Segal Centre for Performing Arts is the heart of English theatre in Montreal and as a part of the team at Design is Yummy, I was able to help craft some eye-catching posters for their 2021/22 season. Working in collaboration with various departments, the team was able to learn about each production and find the best way to draw in new theatre goers. This was especially important since it was their first season back after pandemic shut-downs and it was important to remind prospective theatre goers of the special experience that live theatre provides.
To create a series of vibrant and intriguing posters that work both in isolation and in a series. Each poster needed to tell the story of each unique production (without giving too much away) and work well in a variety of formats.
Using a mixture of photography, illustration and mixed media, this season's posters focused on bright, eye-catching pops of colour and aspects of motion to really create a feeling of excitement. The posters are for a variety of audiences, from those meant for families (like Superdogs: the Musical) to 18+ shows (such as One Night in April). They also cover a large range of subjects, from comedies like Pandemish to more somber subject matters, such as Every Brilliant Thing. Each poster captured its subject matter well, while also working in collaboration with the rest of the season.